How to download and install the McAfee Mobile Security Software? – McAfee is the leading Antivirus Security software, which provides complete protection from the virus in the user’s devices- applications, software, and the assurance of safety browsing. McAfee Antivirus brilliant features, which has impressed all the computer user’s all over the globe for decades and makes it ahead of all its competitors. Some of the features of McAfee Antivirus are-

  • Provides a free customer-identity protection.
  • Easy and smooth access to mobile devices.
  • Provides compatibility on different platforms.
  • On the regular basis, alternate scanning and detection are done.

McAfee products are for the different devices and browsers, with different features which gives a complete protection to its entire user’s who are browsing through PC or Mobile. Some of the popular products of McAfee Antivirus are- VirusScan, SiteAdvisor, E-Business Server, Change Control, Anti-Malware Engine Core, and many more.

Like, everything Antivirus Software needs a proper purchasing of the product, followed by proper downloading, installing and then activation. So keeping this in mind, below provided are the steps for successful purchasing of the McAfee Mobile Security Software in Online mode. Through Offline mode too, you can purchase. The steps to purchase Online mode of mcafee activate Mobile security Software are as follows-

Step 1-You need to open McAfee Mobile Security Software on your phone.

Step 2- After the opening of the Antivirus page, click on the options menu and then click on the option Buy Now.

Step 3- Selecting the option Buy now, will redirect to your resp. Store (Google Play)

Please Note- The given direction is for Android phone and thus, the above-mentioned step will redirect you to Google Play.

For Apple phone, you need to open App Store. Then, follow the rest of the steps successfully for purchasing the McAfee Mobile Security Software.

Step 4- Choose the McAfee product, you want to purchase for your mobile device.

Step 5-If asked for the further information details, please enter your correct Google id and password, to login to Google Play.

Step 6- Please read and follow carefully for successful purchasing of your Antivirus product for Mobile devices.

Please note- you need to follow the correct steps for the successful offline mode of purchasing McAfee Activate Mobile security software.

Now, follow the correct steps for successful downloading of McAfee Activate Mobile Security Software in your resp. devices. They are as follows-

Step 1-Visit 

Step 2-Choose your country, you reside in from the option Select your country.

Step 3-Select the McAfee product, you already subscribe and purchased. Click on the download link to download it to your device.

Step 4-Do read and agree to the terms and conditions of EULA.

Step 5-Click on the button Continue, to continue with the next steps.

Step 6-In the McAfee My Account page, choose between Sign-in or Sign-up, as per your convenience.

Please note- You need to choose Sign-inif you’re already McAfee member.

And, you need to Sign-up if you’re a new member.

Step 7- Now Enter your valid phone number (Optional)

Please note- You need to enter your active phone number which is in use.

Now, follow the correct steps for successful installand McAfee Activate Mobile Security Software in your resp. devices. They are as follows-

Step 1-Look for the email or messages contain McAfee Activation code from the McAfee, on your mobile device.

Step 2-Now open the Mobile Security app on your device.

Step 3-Click on the User icon and Got an activation code option.

Step 4- Enter the correct activation code which has been provided to you through email id or text message.

Step 5- You need to create a PIN and confirm it.

Step 6-Click on Activate Uninstall Protection.

Step 7-Now, click on the option Activate, to activate the product in your mobile device.

Step 8- Click on Finish button, to end it.

If you face any trouble while going through the process. Kindly, contact the, to get advice from the expert on your issues.

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