How to modify Webroot backup and sync settings?

Webroot, being a cloud-based security software, works wonders in securing your system from malware and viruses. The software is the latest and most used antivirus in the market. The best part about it is that it does not take more than 6 seconds to install on your device. Another fantastic aspect is that it does not capture much space and has a user-friendly interface. You have an option to use and download Webroot on different operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS. It also allows you to secure your login credentials with the help of its advanced features. People generally synchronize files with several devices, but you can make use of backup and sync settings to create a backup for all the files. If you are looking for the best ways to modify Webroot backup and sync settings, you can have a word to word conversation with the experts at Webroot customer service. Before that, you can go through the blog to understand a little about the process:

How to change and modify webroot backup and sync settings

For changing and modifying backup and sync settings, you need to implement all the steps given below:

  • Initially, you need to open the system plate on your device, which is there on the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  • To see the user-interface of Webroot, you would have to click twice on the Webroot icon
  • It will take you to thehomepage of the Webroot software.
  • Head to the Advanced Settingoption that is located on the upper right corner. 
  • ✔      Now you will see the Settings window. You would have to select Backup and Sync option from the available options
  • If you mistakenly enabled a setting, you should go for resetting the default catch in order to restore all the settings on the device

You can consider the points given below:

  • You can prefer ignoring hidden files and directories. You do not need to make a backup for these because they take a lot of storage.
  • The same case is with the system files and directories.
  • Make sure you do archive running on battery control.
  • When a game or full-screen application is running, you should avoid archiving it
  • You must allow Windows Explorer to access the Webroot Cloud
  • Do not upload the files larger than the displayed screen limits

If you incorporate all the steps given above, you will simply be able to modify webroot backup and sync settings. For additional assistance, you can reach out to the professionals.

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